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Ideas and Solutions on U. S. Policy is listed below



I urge You America to vote Ron Paul for President of the United States come November 6th
unless you truly want things to go worst for you and your family. Vote Ron Paul.

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APPEAL TO BELIVERS: I am asking for all who believe in the Christian world for your prayers and support so that God
may have this nation back as a whole people Under God. Please support this cause for America. Vote for RON PAUL to bring us back to God Almighty as one Nation Under God... and to the rest of the citizen in Muslim faith let us be beholding to the creator of this world so that
we as a people may live in our faith with Islam as free people for all THE people, that is what "WE The People" is about...Thank you. Mdj

Thank you for visiting my page here at Angelfire.
Allow me to introduce my self.
My Name is Michael Don Jenkins and I am running for
President of the United States in 2012 campaign year.
Now many of you are asking your selves why this guy is running for president of the United States of America.
It is simple, I was born here and my children were born here and my grand children were
born here and I want all the generations that follow born here to remain free from
those whom would do us harm in any form or fashion. I desire my family and yours
to prosper and keep walking towards the future with confidence that this nation of
peoples will one day not have to look towards its security but know it is secure by
God's grace and the world's respect as they follow in our footsteps. (Ecc 3:13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it [is] the gift of God.
((Yes there is a God, how do you think the events leading up to this nation got started otherwise. Just read what the founding fathers of this nation believed in "In God We Trust" by Norman Cousins, Harper & Brothers Publishers NY.(It had a great Impact on my life as an American citizen.))Ecc 5:19 Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labor; this [is] the gift of God.)
And also that our world leadership is providing right moral, not interperted ones but by examples for others in the world to see, envy
and emulate, knowing that if they stick to the path which we do and stand as we do that then they as a people will also have their future secured as well. Life, Liberty and Good Will towards our neighbors is a must as it is commanded of us by those of us whom trust and believe in The Creator of all things.
And some do not however the Majority still rule in this nation.
Lev 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt
love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD.
Mat 22:39 And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Mar 12:31 And the second [is] like, [namely] this, Thou shalt
love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation, One is by the sword. The other is by Debt" – John Adams

To Take A Stand: means to produce that which is good and honest and forth right, especially the American
people. To do justly and fairly unto all without hate or prejudice or begrudge, to no
longer condone or permit a way of non-beneficial impact to ones person. To stop a crime to the people. It is the American Way! It
is what our great grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers fought for and spilled their blood for. YOU! Your rights and your right to make a positive difference!
To prosper with out fear of greediness of others, To walk your streets in safety, To express your opinion without fear of reprisal!

AGAIN I AM NOT PERFECT NOR I PRETEND TO BE BUT I AM A CITIZEN AND I DO KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG. And that which is not a Crime committed is between myself and God, not the media nor the citizens of over righteous guidance in judgment,
for God said ":Mat 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.",
"Luk 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:",
" Jhn 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." "1Cr 11:31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged."
Like the Lord Jesus I have but to say... Jhn 5:30 I can of mine own
self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the
will of the Father which hath sent me.(In my case if appointed by God and You The People this coming election year.)
In our political system we elect officials through popular vote as a Republic of people to represent our needs and desires for this nation as a whole,
this is what our founding fathers put in place as a government to represent us.
The Electoral College is suppose to vote for that candidate that carries that state, majority vote of state voting citizens.
We have the right in this nation to speak with those representatives as individuals or as a body.
If they do not listen to the majority rule then they should be removed from that office and replaced with some one that will give an ear to the peoples needs.
As an elected official they should become the people’s tool for making a difference for their selves and the nation as a whole.
Help me help you by electing me to the Office of the President of the United States this November 2012 with a simple wite in the name Michael D. Jenkins on the ballot.
I pledge that I will represent the people of this nation and not special interest groups, political bodies or individuals that only care about them selves.
We are Americans and the government belongs to us and us alone its citizens.
Lets send a strong message to Washington we want our country back from those whom would try to destroy us from within.
From those whom claim they will represent us and wind up not doing so from both the Republican and Democratic parties. Yes you read the news each year and all we see it higher taxes, more spending and less service from our officials and war.
Vote for me Michael Don Jenkins a working class candidate for President of the United States, I will not fail you!
I will find a way to resolve the people’s issues with this established government of today and turn it around to serve the people and build a safer nation for our children and children’s children.
If you feel I am right then contribute to the Michael D. Jenkins Campaign fund and vote for a working class candidate.
Only those whom We have elected or appointed are qualified to judge because we trust them on our behalf however the citizen affirms that judgment so that the citizens prospers by that judgment through our elected officials. It Is Our Constitution Way We Live By!
" Judge not lest you be Judged" Right?
Most Pepole want to be judged by the good they do not the bad. Right!
Give me four years and then Judge me. Tell your neaighbor they have a choice! I can do the job.
NOTE: I choose not to use Government money to run for President as it has way too many ties to party affiliation through the Registration process for each state, so I am asking for donations and contributions and word of mouth to strike a blow for freedom and rightness for the American People across non- party and party lines.I am asking for Popular Vote! A true Constitutional America

Born in Fort Worth Texas on July 1952 to parents from the Great States of Texas and Oklahoma
Father of five daughters and one son all gown and productive citizens here in the USA.
Served in the United States Air Force 1971 to 1974.
Attended the University of Texas, Tyler 1995 to 1997 and various Junior Colleges from 1974 to 1997.

I work, pay taxes (and don't ask for it back), help people,
seek guidance from above, desire that my children will have it better then I, Love, Laugh, Cry and Bleed, and show gratefulness just like you America.

Why run for President of the United States, You might ask?

I believe as a citizen of fifty nine years and going on sixty that a People's rights to a Grass Roots Campaign is welcomed finally due to the current turmoil of both the Democratic and Republican parties, much like the Tea Party Movement recently. This is for TRUE Change on The Hill from what we know today. What is being passed today is not always fare to the average citizen and the middle working class is starting to take the hit to support the rich while not being able to support them selves. THIS IS NOT GOOD!
Not on my watch if you put me in charge. Equal means Equal.
It will take a big step to change things between the people and the government.
As a write in candidate I will make that difference happen.
How can I make a difference for you and your family?
By challenging congress to do the right thing for the people and exposing those whom refuse to represent you!
By auditing all of the Governments Holding and making it public to the people
By bringing down the budget and the spending of this government and placing the people first,
    I am running as an Independent Candidate for the American Working People if no other reason because the voice of American people has fallen of deft ears in Washington these days.

Our political system today slants towards partisan politics and non cooperation resulting in impartial changes that usually effect the poor and the working middle class more then the rich every day! I Pledge to change this so if elected by you the people get us back to where we should be as a nation.
We the People like getting things done and not wasting allot of time or spending allot of money in doing so all through our history. But theses last few years have been phenomenal! Do you not agree?

All too many times when we as a nation are in need or great need the two party system we have today
falters acting to slowly, selfishly or not at all! Many times bickering and pointing fingers at each other acting like two year olds not getting their way while the damage is being done. And sometimes not at all! This always causes allot more damage in the long run.
America, Am I not right or wrong?
We get laws passed but not all of them are productive towards the American people.
They benefit special interest groups and lately the Government has become a special interest group run by the two party system and the elite who they maybe.
I believe that we should not live beyond our means as a nation so that all of us will not suffer. That is not wise. And Credit is not sovereign because sooner or later the bill must be paid!
Haven't you not seen this for the past 50 years gathering us up to pay one big bill in the Trillions?
They add unnecessary bi laws on to legislature through taxation bills causing us problems further down the line for us as a peoples. Mostly giving to the richer and taking from the poor in the long run.
Yes congress and the senate are human beings elected by you as well. Yes I and other humans make faulty decisions and some mistakes but as a
nation with information at out finger tips, We Can Make Better and More Rightful Informed Ones for the good of our nation which not only will
help us presently but will also help our children's and children children's future. Making those right decisions today
will make our future more promising tomorrow for our children whom have to live here after we are gone in this world,
My Moto is "Nothing is Impossible!"
We are a peoples of great potential for good, freedom, humanity and higher prosperity for all.
We are leaders in many aspects of life amongst the world's views even today!
A nation still sought after for hope and a better life by many and we welcome that as a citizen for our future citizens to come.
There are still many frontiers left to discover, Which Means Jobs.
But we are loosing ground to the rest of the world in competition through bad treaties with foreign competitors of lately. It already is taking a toll and it has to stop for our children's sake within a peaceful forwardness or they will have no America to depend on for safety.
In teaching the world to compete with us we are falling behind and beginning to loose sight of our own goals! We are falling behind in education, quality production and research and develop in products which others would want to buy!
Once not long ago every one in the world wanted an American built Automobile. Not any more.
I am currently looking for a Vice President to run with. If you know a good hearted citizen candidate contact me.

We as a people deserve to be lead by those whom know the US problems from the street, The People's Values and trust in US not them selves only.
People that have learned from their mistakes through trial and error in life. From others through
their past mistakes without political involvements, Yes, Common Sense Law Applied Here Folks! What
our Grandparents had and the generations of Americans before them!
When things go wrong and those of us whom do not do right for the people or cost the American Tax payer
unrighteous harm should be held Legally accountable for their
actions such as House Votes that does not
benefit the nation as a whole like that of a balanced budget but dose for individual people or companies of great wealth whom hire lobbyist to sway our elected representatives whom work for us should be held Legally Responsible. We need to watch over the watch dog so to speak.
Our Political
process is simply a tool for us as a people to use for our benefit. Not for it to
be used against us as a nation of peoples for any individuals or groups that does not
reflect the best interest of this nation's people as a whole. Yes that includes gays but not in marriage. Marriage was design for man and woman not man and man or woman and woman. Sorry folks that is not the norm of equality. Policy is only good for those whom adhere to it with them and not as law excepted in ownership.
So Our Laws should reflect this in their ordination with morality for all and equal treatment by the majority approval. Not a Minority approval.
This does not mean we are perfect as a peoples but what it means is we reach for perfection. And we may miss many times but we keep trying.
What is wrong with that? To be the best in the entire world! To set an example for the world to follow, why?
Because we are a prosperous people and happy most of us to the most possible extent of living,
Today we seek change and have found ciaos and confusion in our economy and it zaps the strength out of us as a nation.
President Obama is doing the best he can as we did elect him and as a human being, After all he did inherit this mess from Bush to some degree. Yet I feel we are still going down the wrong path again and again as a nation
which could lead to our future destruction from within our
sovereign nation's boarders and could dissolve into wishful thinking someday for our children.
Rights of the people will be a
thing of the past as debit slaves to other nations while laughing at us even starting today.
I pledge not to allow that to happen any further and fight with every breath to prevent it from happening even to our greatest grand children.
I pledge that Living Human Rights will be upheld as an example to the rest of the world to follow as we set the example.
And those whom desire to do other wise will find them selves with out trade, isolated from prosperity and possibly even peace. Some are getting richer from this process and the middle class people, The Back Bone of America are getting poorer or disappearing all together.
Our power to make decisions for our selves is being stripped away by the Supreme Courts System and Bad Business Owner Policies,
self interest groups and corporations no longer home based in this country stepping on the
fringes of the law to make their own policies violating the rights of Americans every day.
Big business and Big Banks are gobbling up our pay checks at an alarming rate so we can't save a thin dime while forcing us to live on daily credit but talking billions of our hard earned taxed money and investing it not in us the USA but other nations for their personal profits ventures. And buying off adversaries to keep them at bay so they get richer! What a waste of tax money.
Monetary systems can only produce so much wealth and that is all. It is not finite people!
Today we are not respected as a nation of peoples nor are we considered the greatest nation on earth any more either but have
been compared to the late Roman Empire being Satanic in nature and just plain wicked, evil doers.
Why? Because we are a free people and free thinkers earning our liberty with blood, sweat and tears but lately these
freedoms are being erased allowing others to make discussions for us and other
nations can see this deadly erosion which are our allies around the world.
    The truth is you and I know who we are and what we are all about. We prove every day through our hard work and hard play. Through our giving to charities and helping our neighbors.

We are a family of peoples whom serve the greater good of a nation for the purpose of
survival of the world and its peoples for which we are members of.

Remember what John F. Kennedy asked of us? “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”
We have made enemies along the way true However, in our past this has changed from enemy to friend.
Best example is Russia at present.
Once our devout enemy the former Soviet Union and sworn adversary to the end,
now even though we do not always agreed, but we are allies still the same in this world today.
It is in ours and theirs best interest.

I repeat My Motto is "Nothing is Impossible"
We are a great people and we can and still and will do great things but we need to get back to basics first!
That is what got us to the Moon in July 1969 by setting a basic standard by President John F. Kennedy. The New Deal set by President F.D. Roosevelt. 1930s.

It’s Time this nation gets back on track and stops playing around hoping for miracle and start making
miracles. We know how to do it! But complacency has begun to set in like, If only we did this or that. We must start getting some
things done for our future citizens and not our enemies’ children to walk in and take it with little or no fight!
And while at it there is another war being fought one we can not see and we are loosing there on that line as well. Let’s not make that mistake it will be Devastating.
If elected I will pledge to the peoples of the United States of America
to honor the needs of the People in a way
that will give respect, dignity and prosperity in a rightful moral way for their security to be
enhanced and further guarded, this allowing the people protected liberties for the good of
the nation to be envied by others in the world.
***To serve the people as their President (Chief Executive and Commander in Chief) and to find a way for Congress and The Senate to Cooperate without political gain or Partisanship. To re-examine the laws of the land and adjust them fairly,
to examine the infrastructure of the Federal Government and adjust it to fit the people, its citizens needs with fairness while hoping the states will follow the lead.
I will seek industry to return to the United States for the benefit of the people with free enterprise to further help the small businesses in this nation grow and develop in the spirit of entrepreneurship while cutting out the greedy who drive prices up.
To research and develop of new products and industries helping us become innovators again in the world markets.
Send a message to Washington. You Work For me!
+++I have never held office nor ran for any political office in my life. +++
+++I have done some things in my life I am not proud of but I am human and I Have learned right from wrong and continues to improve, correct and seek guidance from above. +++
But I will State this to you the People of the United States. I will be and do the best for the country and do everything in my power as President to help us be greater than our past while helping us live longer with pride and security equally for our children's future.

Vote for me in November 2012 for President. YOU will not regret it. Place my name on the ballot as a write in if it's not there already. Send a message to Washington, you VOTEING FOR MICHAEL DON JENKINS in 2012 NOVEMBER ELECTIONS BALLOT.
If you do not know how just ask attendants.

E-Mail me to discuss the Issues of Today, Tomorrow or in 2012.
"I NEED YOUR VOTE IN NOVEMBER 2012 to correct things in Washington!
A vote for me is a vote for you “The People's voice for you."
The Issues are many in this nation and I feel it is necessary to address them face
to face and in front of The People so there is no mistake nor misquotes from the media.
I have however addressed some issues below that are important at the bottom of this page.
Let us As Citizens Work Together as One Great Nation for the Common Good Of all its citizens’ not just self. We are a great peoples, Lets act like it. Show the world what America is made of.
If you want things to keep going on as they are in the direction we are headed then vote for you party canadate, and we will see us go down in history possibly as Rome did making our enemies very happy. This I do not want for us or our children's children.
    If you feel I am right for the Job to represent you in Washington D.C. as your Chief Executive and Commander and Chief then send contributions to this candidate:
    Seems the same old things are beginning to rear their ugly heads again like in the 90s and early 2000s.
    Big Business like banks and corporations, insurance companies want to raid your pocket book of your money or from your rights as a citizen.
    The Sad thing is we keep letting them do it. It is time the American Government step up to the battle for the people and not big business. Enough is enough!
    Just Say No! Show them you have an ally in Washington. Vote for me as a write in President in November 2012 and show the Hill who is the Boss. You Are the Boss people. WE the People. Make American History and elect a non party President.
    Candidate for President Michael Don Jenkins Campaign Fund
    Michael Don Jenkins
    Contributions will be used to get the message out to the public. Where we are and where we are going if not changed.
    Donate to: Campaign Contributions Fund, My Candidate for President
    Michael Don Jenkins "The Working Mans President".
    For Donations to This Campaign Please Contact the Candidate direct via email at

For the Security of Our Children, Please Vote This Election.

Wyoming Republican state legislator David Miller "If we continue down this course, this is the way any society ends up — with a valueless currency,"
the Star-Tribune artical Wyoming legislator David Miller introduces “doomsday” bill .02/28/12


The Issue today is the Economy and all it is worth to us as a people.
With out Income we can not protect or feed or improve our selves. Our children could suffer as well as our selves.
I am calling on all Economics to Look at the possibility of letting the system crash and use
our gold to reboot the system here in the U.S. Start over build again bring jobs lost back to the Good Ol USA in old and new industry.
I am also calling on Congress to Make a Public Audit of the Government Holding in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and ECT. And make it public and then listen to the people as to what to do with it.
"Trust is what we want in the word Washington. Let’s make it happen, Congress."
Join me in Nov.2012 in making things right again.

More Issues
Seems every one wants the same thing today. Get us out of this mess which Washington and finical industries have created.
Allot of Candidates are claiming they can do just that by Changing laws and dropping laws to the constitution but we know better.
Those are our Rights not the government'and they do not have that right to take them away.
And on another note has any one thought that just maybe we will have to suffer a little in order to get back to where we were? Sacrifice some for our future and our children. Like that of our grand parents.Yea folks were going to have to live in our means for a while. Teach our children that money does not grow on trees. Credit is not always a good thing, and you have to earn it to keep it. Everything almost has a price in some form or fashion. We can set the price though.
We do not have to step back totally in time in order to get it right but we do have to stop making the same mistakes over and over. Some once said that "Insanity is repeating the same mistakes hopeing for a good outcome."
Let’s Be Americans and show the world it can be done. It is not impossible! We have become way too dependent on the world for things and security.
We have become the Police for the world at our own expense and dictated to by other governments as to what we can do as policy. Sorry We Are Americans that will not do!
Let’s pull back a bit re-evaluate our stance in the world and adjust so we stay a sovereign nation with freedom and liberty for all citizens. Vote for a people's working canadate in Nov. 2012, I want to work for you. NO BS here.
Why is the American consumer allowing the Banks they put their hard earned money into to even charge for a debit card?
Not but a few years ago Debit Cards were Checking Account Cards and are still linked to your checking account today.
You see if you allow a rouge to take advantage of you they will do so immediately. Thieves do that!
The Power of the consumer is greater then the Bank. If they will not cooperate with your request to forget the fee to charge your account with or they do any way, I recommend you change banks or go to a local bank or an S&L as quickly as you can and find a bank that will help.
Enough consumers do this they will get the message who they work for. Do however expect the banks to put up a fight or slow things down so they can still make profit each quarter with the World Bank Investment Groups.
That is a simple way to send a message to the banking system you work for me not the other way around.
Is this not true? I am very soon doing so with WF as they have already begun to charge me for excusive use fees in my savings account.
Do not be suprised that hidden fees will start to show up in many transactions soon simply because they want it.
It's my money and where I choose to place my money is my business and not theirs.
Or if The bank cancels your account without notifying you and gaining your permission first and you ask Why? Their excuse is "It's Our Policy", My question is when did your policy become Law? Too many businesses are making policy and trying to make it like law. Congress makes laws not business. My Policy is "Operate in our system of Law, not your private policy." It is becoming a trend in our nation and interfering with the rights of the People. This is not right.

My Plan...

Let me start off first by saying I am running for President of the United States of America as a write in
candidate in Nov. 2012 and I will need your vote come then.
Getting America back to work is the major issue for this nation so here’s the plan with your vote and God’s will it will happen.
We have been all through our history and innovative nation of products and goods.
We have leaded the world in purchasing power until this century all because we have a dream and have been blessed of God.
We have magnificent research abilities such as the world has never seen with many aids and universities at our disposal.
We are Americans and we have an imagination that can span the universe.
We as a nation favor right from wrong and there fore we go after the bad guys to bring them to justice.
We are not a divided people but a solid nation for which we stand.
We seek a better way to nearly every thing that is produced by man on this planet and improving our quality of life.
Our industry is quite capable of super production if the need is there as we have proven in our past.
The world is putting out some 14 billion tons of pollutants in the atmosphere and water causing death and diseases each year.
I am purposing that our industries gear up in a united effort for a full clean up of this planet starting with
research and development of devices, systems that are self cleaning and safe storage areas away from
this planet to keep pollutants out of the reach of the life on this world. Ways to regenerate resources we
already have in place and new ones that can be found and improved on for safety and health for the welfare
of the people. Through this National Plan the research will begin with NASA and private industry
partnering together while hiring millions of citizens training for purposeful jobs with in that industry and
private sectors in support of this initiative to preserve and protect our environment and its life on this
great blue ball we call earth. Federal funds will be directed to states and private sectors that show in
good faith the promise of achievement within a 2 year period and guaranteed federal loans and grants for
start up and improvement and within the private sector of this nation only. Legislation will have to be
passed and public support will be needed to aid this government through direct contact with this
government. A new Department combining Humans Resources and Development and Scientific Departments will be needed
to allow this initiative to take hold. This would mean security support through the private sector
supported by the federal, state governments and will have to closely guard with federal laws and guidelines will
have to be passed in order to achieve this initiative under a secrecy act as an enlisted partner with
the government and its citizens. It will open new industry and support old industry. It will clean up
this planet and be a product and service for which the world’s nations will want to purchase to provide
for their peoples. It will need the support of the rich and the poor of this nation and the full
cooperation of this government as the benefits its will be immense. It will be citizen owned with stock options
to be sold for retirement purposes.
It will take us to the out skirts of our solar system and for further resources our species will need.
It will secure our world and future generations through our hard work and entrepreneurship. It will be the largest
humans undertaking since World War II. It will have the deepest impact this nations will have ever seen in its history.
It will take outstanding vision and support of the people behind a selected leader by the people and for the people.
I summit my self for this post as President of the United States of America.
My Name is Michael Don Jenkins I am running for President in 2012 as a write in candidate.
Please support this very important effort to get us back to our Promise of Life, Liberty and Justice for all. This Initiative will truly be a blessing from above.
Thank you all.

The Fair Employment Act bill.
1. An employer will not force any employee to pay to work for their company
2. An employer will not make any policy that will violate an employee’s Constitutional Rights or State Rights or Civil Rights.
3. An employer will pay a fair compensation for a job description and duties to be preformed accordingly without reprisal.
4. An employer will not charge for tools or uniforms required to represent that
company in order for the employee to discharge their duties.
5. An employer will not muzzle or silence an employee for their right to freedom of
speech without due process.
6. An employer will not engage in political lobbying to surrender the rights of the
citizen under Federal or State rights.
7. No member of the Government will engage in private or public opinion
the surrendering of rights of the employee.
8. No employee shall be forced to surrender his or her rights to any Union or pay for
such rights as an employee of any company or union.
9. An employee has the right to negotiate for higher wages without reprisal set by an
annual timeline for review.
10. An employer will be held responsible for the safety of any employee and maintain
a reasonable safe record to be enforced by the federal government at all times.
11. An employee will comply with all safety regulations set by State and Federal standards for such companies.
12. An employee once hired will comply with fare standards to report to work
without interference or interruption of company production unless excused by medical reasons. The employer will then offer medical and retirement benefits to the employee after sixty days of employment according to law set by State and or Federal Government standards.
13. An employee must notify his or her employer two hours before reporting to work
if unable to perform duties assigned by the company within their job description.
14. An employer will assign duty descriptions for each employee that fits the job
description written and handed to the employee with a signed agreement that
each employee understand their duties without moving the employee out side
of that job description to perform other duties unless volunteered by the employee.
15. The employee will acknowledge their duties assignments according to the job
description to perform that function within the company and meet all
qualifications according to the job description and federal and state standards.
16. Volunteer Unionism will only be given by majority consent for employees and
agreed upon by Federal standards for such union to exist for bargaining
rights as a whole body of employees.
17. Each Citizen has the right to work within the United States of American and if
such citizen is seeking employment from a company or business they have
the right to bargain for assigned standards of wages set by the federal
government for that job description accordingly, presented by the
Social Security Administration of the Federal Government according to job
skills needed to perform that job skill level.
18. A company business will be taxed according to the job skills needed to produce
their product to support education to produce more skilled personal to enable
them to produce that product and upgrade that product within the Federal
Work Skills Standards guidelines.
19. An employee has the right to ask for and receive training provided by the
Business to perform their tasks and duties in safe and reliable job
performance without denial from the company.
High cost educational programs will be subsidized by the Federal Education Program to absorb some of
the cost for a company applying for such educational Programs for their
employees. An education program will be sought after by the employee
through selected Human Resource directors of a business to provide the
skills needed for the employee’s job performance and with such skills added
after education completion and a said two year agreement to perform trained
duty skills for the companies’ investment in the employee to add to the quality of their profits.
20. An employer must give a two week notification to an employee before
termination of that employee unless witness by others as a violation of policy
intentional and deliberate by such employee to cause damage or sabotage or
injury to others employees and documented with reasons for such
termination of employment.
The documentation must be kept securely for seven years for review or grievances of such termination. Only a legal law
firm or government agency or law enforcement agency can have access and
at no time is the Media allowed access unless brought before a legal court
presented before a judge to be petitioned for release of said documentation.
21. The federal government will allow for amendments according to the safe
standards and legal system to enforce afore mentioned act without detracting
any rights legally set and agreed upon by the government and private business through this Act.
The Reservists Guaranteed Act

Any reservist already trained who is not deployed due to Government policy
would be placed into the regular armed service for
a 2 year enlistment or commission. Like that of a draft yet with benefits.
REASONS: They already have the qualifications and the government would spend less money. Less dependency on civilian enlistments, then they qualify for regular military benefits from the Veterans Administration and gain more help as in employment and medical care.
I have one main concern in foreign policy right now and it is the dismantling of the State of Israel.
Who are we as a people to involve our selves in the splitting up of the State of Israel when in 1947 this nation
voted in the United Nations Assembly a YES to secure the State of Israel! This would make us Liars and unhonorable as a nation of people if we help take it apart.
We do not have that right! If Israel had not existed today we would be in
World War III already!
Let it be known I am a pro Israel Canadate because the blessings of this nation were
begotten by the Creator of the Universe whom did so set up and guided these peoples to be worldly priests for God and the Lord which many of us hold true today. And which Jesus (Yeshua) was one of Israel’s greatest citizens in history ever.
Like black Americans before the Civil War in this nation's history who lost their lands and then recovered after the war was long over through many years in which many cases were given back to their family names in ownership after being stolen by carpet baggers.
And so Israel's lands were taken away from them by foreign enemies then dispersed to local nomads Arabs and Persians and whom call them selves today peoples of God
also, Yet would destroy their bother to secure the land as their own when it was never abandoned in the first place.
There were still Jews left in the land mixed with Arab and Egyptian blood then and now.
Through out all of man's history Persia has been making war against the people of earth.
Make Peace with Palestine yes if it can be done but not at the cost of that nation's peoples.
Make no mistake, this would be worst then the Holocaust which some deign even happen.
This would most certainly lead us into WW III and secure a definite end time which this species does not need to go to.
There is plenty of room in those deserts in the Middle East for millions of people to
which could be called Palestine. Iraq, Jordan, Egypt. Let us as a nation not make this mistake. Work with Israel and secure our future or it could cause our end and WW III.
I believe this with all my heart!
Through our prayers and hard work we can postpone the end times and prosper as a people under the creators hopes.
As to the Middle East Conflicts I am calling on the United Nations to consider an alternate Program to have Jordon, Iraq and Egypt donate lands for the Palestine People.
Allot of desert can go along way and the UN can help them produce food and irrigate that land to satisfy their needs. It’s not that hard.

OUR ECONOMY:The wrong of it and what we can do to reverse it quickly.
What Every American citizen should know!

The number TRILLION:
.$1 trillion = $1,000 billion or $1,000,000,000,000 (that's 12 zeros)
..How hard is it to spend a trillion dollars? If you spent one dollar every second, you would have spent a
million dollars in 12 days. At that same rate, it would take you 32 years to spend a billion dollars.
But it would take you more than 31,000 years to spend a trillion dollars.
..And now, some scary facts about the debt and the deficit -- some basics:
..Deficit = money government takes in -- money government spends
..2012 US deficit = $1.33 trillion
..2013 Proposed budget deficit = $901 billion
..National debt = Total amount borrowed over time to fund the annual deficit
..Current national debt = $15.3 trillion (or $49,030 per every man, woman and child in the US or $135,773 per taxpayer)
News artical Yahoo News "12 Scary Debt Facts for 2012", on 02/17/12
This is something all Americans need to know before casting your vote on November 6th 2012.
I have addressed the plan to get us out of debit and stay out above.
    If a candidate does not have a plan to get us out of this then they do not deserve YOUR VOTE! Think Carefully America! It's your future they are playing with...

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